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    Winter of Hopkins

    Welcome to Hopkins Elementary School

    Hopkins serves students over 559 students in grades 4 and 5 and is located on the main Hopkinton campus behind the high School


    Key Information for Parents

    Office Hours/Contacts

    Key Information for Parents

    What are school office hours?

    Our school office hours will be 7:30-3:30. Students may not be dropped off until 8:00 AM, when supervision will begin in the front of the school, for walkers and parent drop-offs, and behind the building for busses. See the Transportation section for more details on these procedures.


    Hopkins Office email:

    What about lunch?

    School lunch is available for $2.50 ($.50 for milk). Online payments can be made through the HPS website, or with a check payable to: “Hopkinton School Lunch Program.” Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch.

    How about snacks?

    Classrooms establish their own routines for snack time. However, we do ask that families abide by the allergy alerts sent home from the nurse for each classroom. We are also asking that students stick to water only in the classrooms (unless there is a medical need for other beverages). Now that we are 1:1 with Chromebooks, we want to ensure that we are taking care of these devices- sticky hands and spills make that challenging!




    Our school website has static information, but it is also updated with current news, photos and bulletins. Every other Friday, you can expect a school-wide update from the Principal’s Office, the Hawk Squawk. This is distributed to families via email and can also be found at the top of the school webpage. It may be a recap of recent events or a preview of upcoming happenings. Educational, child development, social-emotional learning links/videos, particularly related to our Core Value of the month, will also be included. It will also announce our Principal's Cabinet members for that month and share the current needs for Project Just Because.

    You can also follow us on Twitter: @hopkinsschool, Instagram (hopkins_elementary), and Facebook (HopkinsElementarySchool). These will include highlights and photos from around Hopkins, as well as reminders of upcoming events. Links to these can be found at the bottom of the Hawk Squawk.

    Ms. Babson sends out the Hopkins Herald newsletter every other month. This includes articles written by staff and students at Hopkins, as well as many pictures from our hallways. Links to old issues can also be found on the webpage.

    In addition to the above school-wide methods, please communicate openly with your child’s teacher(s). Each teacher has an email address and voice mailbox. Many also utilize Google Classroom, a website and/or Twitter to share news. They will discuss this more at Curriculum Night. You can find their contact information on our school directory or you can call (508)-497-9824 to reach teachers’ voicemail.


    Drop-Offs & Dismissals

    Drop-Offs & Dismissals


    If your child will be taking the school bus, you can access bus route information on the school district transportation page or within the PowerSchool Parent Portal. To access click District Departments then Transportation followed by Bus Routes then Hopkins School. We recommend that you be at bus stops somewhat earlier than the printed times for the first week or so, until the buses have a chance to fully establish their routines. 

    Parent Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedures:

    For those of you not familiar with our process, please see the following link, which can also be found on our website. Drop-offs in the morning can start at 8:00. Please know that if you drop off your child prior to 8:00, we are unable to provide supervision or entry to the building.Therefore, we ask you to aim for as close to 8:00 as possible. Pick-ups in the afternoon begin at 2:30. Be prepared with ID for all parent pick-ups at the end of each day.

    Because we have so many buses picking up and dropping off at Hopkins all at once, we will continue using the previously unused ‘access road’ to queue waiting buses. That access road exits with a right turn next to the entrance into the front driveway/parking of Hopkins. If you are in the line of cars dropping off or picking up students, please do not block the access road so buses can exit.

    Dismissal/Transportation Changes for Students:

    It is critical to your child and our staff at Hopkins that we know your child’s dismissal routines, or if there is a change to transportation at the end of the day. Please complete the Dismissal Change Form if you are picking up your child, or if there is a change. The form should be completed with dismissal changes prior to 1:15 each day. Any dismissal changes also need to comply with our District’s Transportation policies.

    It is also important for your child to know their dismissal plans each day, especially if they have different routines on different days of the week. Children are sometimes confused or forget about the days of the week. Kids can also be on “auto-pilot” at the end of each day and not think about where they are supposed to go. If your child has different plans on different days, please review with your child their schedule and routine.

    School Motto, Mascot and More

    School Colors: Green, White and Orange

    Mascot: Hawk


    Security Reminders

    Security Reminders:

    Drop-off Window:

    In an effort to minimize disruptions, drop off hours for forgotten lunches, instruments, and other items occur between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM at Hopkins School. Please do not bring forgotten homework to school. To drop-off items, you will be buzzed into our main entrance exterior door, and a table will be located in the vestibule. Please leave the clearly-labeled items on the table. We no longer allow visitors into the main section of the building to drop-off forgotten items. Our staff will call students down to the Main Office to pick up these items at approximately 10:35.

    School Doors:

    Just a reminder that we ask for everyone’s support to prevent ‘tailgating.’ While holding the door open for others is a polite thing to do, it can be a security risk in our schools. Please do not hold the door open for others; we kindly ask that all visitors pass through our buzz-in system at the main entrance to the school.

    Since Hopkins’ Office closes promptly at 3:30 PM and the building will remain locked at that time, we are now asking for all families picking up students from an enrichment activity that ends after 3:20 PM to please follow our normal after-school dismissal procedures. The instructors will be outside supervising the pickup. We will post a sign on our front door reminding families of these adjustments to our practices. To review the map of traffic flow for dismissals, please click here. A reminder, it is necessary to stay in your vehicle when in the dismissal line. This applies to all after-school enrichment program unless the instructor has arranged for families to meet at another location outside our building. This is not applicable for the YMCA Afterschool Care, which has their own dismissal protocols.

    School Improvement Plan