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Welcome to Hopkins Elementary

Dear Families,

Welcome to Hopkins School! It is an honor and a privilege to serve the community as we guide your fourth and fifth graders as they develop the respect, responsibility and resiliency they need to achieve success. We are excited to work in partnership with students, educators, and parents of Hopkins to provide an environment that supports growth and success for all. One of our priorities will be to foster a collaborative environment built through strong culture, clarity of vision, transparent communication, and commitment to excellence.   

At Hopkins, we believe that passionate learning is built on a foundation of compassion. Our dedication to this philosophy is at the forefront of our work as educators. We care deeply about the physical, emotional, and intellectual safety and the well-being of every student. Interactions between parents, students and teachers here at Hopkins emphasize these beliefs. Hopkins is a vibrant community of learners- students and adults!

Our biggest priorities are to ensure Hopkins School is:

  • A physical environment where students and staff take care of one another, and the facilities provide for a secure and healthy setting.  

  • An emotional environment where respect, acceptance, empathy, and responsibility are among the shared values of the entire school community.

  • An intellectual environment where every student is engaged in the work and learning at hand; every student has challenging learning goals and every student is held to high expectations in order to meet those goals; every student is provided timely, specific, and constructive feedback on how he/she is going to achieve those goals and meet expectations; and, academic risks and making mistakes are part of the learning process.

A strong partnership between families and educators results in an environment conducive for growth and learning. Open communication and a relationship built on trust are essential components to a successful school-parent partnership. We encourage you to establish a positive relationship with your child’s teachers and our Hopkins School community. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions or concerns. As Helen Keller so eloquently stated, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Vanessa Bilello

Matthew Cotter

Matthew Cotter