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K-5 Summer Learning Resources

Kids Reading on Lawn

Historically, schools have sought to share resources with families at the onset of the long summer vacation. Anticipating that students will have some free time between their summer activities, it has long been our hope that students will remain engaged in basic academics in order to help with skill retention.  While we are proud of our students for their dedicated participation in remote learning this spring, we believe that  continued, independent work this summer in the areas of reading, writing, and math will prove beneficial for our students. On this site, you will find a number of varied resources...some that will require Internet access, some that require paper and pencil, some that get students outside and moving, and others that encourage book-in-hand reading. 

Also on this site, you will find information about the Hopkinton Public Library's summer reading program, as well as the summer reading expectations for incoming sixth graders.  Please take some time to review the offerings...there is definitely something for everyone!  As families have had to adapt to different schedules over the course of the spring, it may be of value to identify specific days and/or times for your children to spend on summer learning. For example, perhaps asking your child to work on math for 15 minutes following lunch and to read for 20 minutes before dinner time could work as a routine in your home. The beauty of these summer options are that they can be scheduled for anytime that works for you and your children. We are greatly appreciative of the commitment our families have made to this spring's highly atypical learning model...these are unusual times, and through collaboration our children have continued to shine. Have a wonderful summer!

Jen Parson, Assistant Superintendent